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Masirah to host Tourism Forum in August

12 Jun 2024 Masirah to host Tourism Forum in August

Masirah – An event called Masirah Tourism Forum will be held in August, according to Sheikh  Abdullah bin Abdullah Baaween, Wali of Masirah. 

The initiative underscores the island’s commitment to promoting and exploring its tourism potential.

Baaween informed that the forum, organised by South Sharqiyah Governor’s Office in collaboration with Masirah Wali’s Office, alongside public and private sector entities and the local community, aims to invigorate and elevate the tourism sector.

Elaborating on the forum, Baaween said it will serve as a platform to showcase the diverse facets of Masirah, including the island’s abundant marine life and traditional crafts. 

“The objective is to introduce and highlight these aspects while preserving the values, heritage and achievements of the community, particularly among the youth. This approach aims to instil a sense of pride in their identity, history and authentic culture, while encouraging preservation of customs and traditions.”

Baaween outlined several projects slated for implementation in the near future on the island. These include connecting the wilayat to the main network of Oman Electricity Transmission Company. This will involve extension of a submarine cable and overhead electricity transmission lines from Mahout to Masirah with the aim of catering to the increasing demand for electricity in the wilayat. 

Additionally, Namaa Water Services Company is undertaking a project to establish a new sewage network in the wilayat. The project includes development of a distribution network for treated water and rehabilitation of pumping and lifting stations. The goal is to provide coverage for approximately 2,450 residential and commercial units.

Additionally, there are upcoming projects for  telecom services and drinking water in the wilayat. 

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