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BankDhofar customers express high satisfaction with digital solutions

10 Jun 2024

Muscat – BankDhofar customers have expressed their satisfaction with the services and products provided by the bank, particularly its electronic services. Customers can easily conduct their banking transactions through the mobile application without the hassle of visiting a branch.

Additionally products like  “Payment sticker, Dhofar Pay, Samsung Pay” allow customers to make purchases at various can pass through various sales outlets without the need to present a physical debit card.

Customer Testimonials

Mona Nasser: A Lebanese resident in Oman. Mona Nasser shared her positive experience “I opened my bank account at BankDhofar three years ago, and I am very satisfied with their services and products. The banks efficiency and staffs responsiveness are quite impressive. I can handle the day-to-day banking requirements effortlessly” She highlighted the convenience of the BankDhofar mobile application, which saves her time and effort, especially for paying bills, transferring money, and checking her account statement with just a push of a tab, anytime and anywhere.

She added” BankDhofar offers many benefits through their women’s account, which I plan to take advantage of. I keep up with their continuous advertisements in newspaper and social media channels”.

Tap & Pay Sticker

Abdullah bin Salem Al-Mashayikhi : An Omani citizen based at Muscat. He uses the BankDhofar “Tap & Pay Sticker” on the back of his mobile phone while shopping.  He said “I am eagerly waiting for the launch of   Apple Pay service. This sticker provides a convenient and exceptional shopping experience, as I only need to swipe my mobile phone at the payment machine without presenting my debit card.”

Al-Mashayikhi also mentioned the BankDhofar mobile application, which saves him the trouble of visiting ATMs or branches. He can pay bills and make financial transfers to any bank, both within and outside Oman, from the comfort of a café or his home.

Long-Time Loyal Customer

Ahmed Mohammed Al Rawahi: An Omani citizen residing in Muscat. He is long-time loyal customer, opened his account at BankDhofar at its inception. He has never felt the need to switch banks, thanks to the excellent service and products, particularly the “Infinite” credit card, which he frequently uses to access airport lounges. He emphasized the ease of using the bank’s mobile application to pay for telephone, electricity, and water bills and to make financial transfers within Oman

Readiness to serve the customer

Asim Ali Al Zadjali, another long-standing customer, praised the services and benefits offered by BankDhofar . He noted the warm hospitality and promptness of branch managers in addressing customer comments and inquiries. He said, “BankDhofar branch managers never ignore their customers; they always want to assist, respond to inquiries, and provide information simply and effectively.

BankDhofar remains committed to providing customer friendly digital solutions ensuring customer satisfaction.

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