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Indian Embassy in Oman Hosts Yoga Session for Children – ‘‘Marhaban Yoga’’

6 Jun 2024

With full and unwavering support of His Excellency Amit Narang, the Indian Ambassador to Oman, in connection with upcoming international yoga day, the Indian Embassy in Oman organized a yoga session for children on May 31, 2024. The event, held in association with New India Assurance Oman and the Bank of Baroda Oman, saw enthusiastic participation from a large number of children, making it a resounding success.

The session took place at the Indian Embassy building, where children gathered early in the morning, eager to learn and practice yoga. The initiative aimed to promote physical well-being and mental health among the younger generation.

Shri Acharya Manoranjan Singh and Mrs. Reena Jain, First Secretary (Culture) graced the occasion with their presence, highlighting the importance of yoga in maintaining a balanced lifestyle. They commended the children for their enthusiasm and encouraged them to make yoga a regular part of their lives.

The event was further honored by the presence of senior officials from the partnering organizations. The Chief Operating Officer of New India Assurance Oman Mr. Gaurav Sharma, Senior General Manager Mr. I.M Jacob, along with the COO of Bank of Baroda Mr. Maneesh Prasad, Senior Officers Mr. Aravinda Shetty and Mr. Kanwardeep Singh participated in the session, emphasizing the importance of community wellness initiatives. Both partnering organisations reiterated their commitment to supporting such activities that foster health and unity within the community.

The yoga session featured a series of exercises and postures designed specifically for children, ensuring that they were both engaging and beneficial. Yoga instructors guided the young participants through the session, providing valuable tips on maintaining physical fitness and mental tranquility.

Parents and guardians who accompanied the children expressed their gratitude to the organizers for creating a platform that promotes healthy living. The event concluded with a short meditation session and leaving the participants refreshed and invigorated.

This collaborative effort by the Indian Embassy Oman, New India Assurance Oman, and Bank of Baroda Oman marks a significant step towards nurturing a healthy and active lifestyle among children in Oman. The success of the yoga session sets a precedent for future events aimed at promoting wellness and cultural heritage.

Glimpse of the program are available in YouTube link

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