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Connecting Omani orphans with the world through letters

4 Jun 2024 Connecting Omani orphans with the world through letters By ANIRBAN RAY

Muscat – An initiative called Pen Pals will be launched soon to connect Omani orphans with others from around the world through the art of letter writing. 

A joint effort of Oman Airports and the French Academic Society Arts-Sciences-Lettres, the initiative aims to revive the practice of heartfelt, spontaneous letter writing and build meaningful global connections.

Salas Abeel Badr al Busaidi, who leads the initiative, shared her enthusiasm, saying, “Omani children will discover the joy of writing and receiving letters. The mystery of not seeing each other adds an intriguing element to their friendships, enhancing their writing skills and creativity through various topics.”

The programme is set to begin with orphans in Istanbul, Turkey. Omani children will exchange letters, sharing personal stories and experiences; following the initial exchange, there are plans of face-to-face meetings in the future in Istanbul.

Supported by the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism, the initiative promises a rich cultural exchange. After meeting in Turkey, the Omani children will extend their hospitality by inviting their Turkish friends for a two-week visit, allowing them to experience the sultanate’s culture and heritage firsthand.

Elaborating on the future of the initiative, Salas said, “The programme doesn’t stop with Turkey. Next year, we aim to extend Pen Pals to include other countries, enhancing the scope of our cultural bridges. This programme is not just about writing letters; it’s about building bridges of friendship and understanding.”

By connecting children from different parts of the world, Salas added, the programme will nurture a global community and empathy. 

“Through Pen Pals, Omani orphans will not only improve their writing skills but also discover the joys of friendship and culture from other lands.”

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