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Stop heat stress before it strikes

2 Jun 2024 Stop heat stress before it strikes

The temperature in May crossed 48°C in many places in the sultanate. Given the intense heat, do you think the outdoor workers’ midday break should start from May instead of June? What other measures should be taken to protect these workers? Here is what Muscat Daily readers said –

Rahma al Jabri, Private sector employee

In my opinion, the outdoor workers’ midday break should be from May to October. Work can also be conducted in the evening and night,  instead of daytime, to prevent the effects of heat on outdoor workers. This would reduce risks of heat-related illnesses.

Sultan al Fazari, Private sector employee

Providing protective clothing or cooling vests can significantly help in maintaining a safer and more comfortable working environment. These measures, combined with proper hydration, regular breaks and shaded rest areas, can improve workers health and productivity.

Ajin Raj S, Cinematographer

Providing access for outdoor workers to shade where they can rest and cool down; keeping them hydrated by providing enough water; changing their normal work clothes to protective clothes of light colours, which help to reflect light; and providing adequate cool down period in between their work time – these measures can protect outdoor workers.

Allam Setty Padmavathi, Chartered accountant

Midday break for outdoor workers should be according to outdoor temperatures and not according to the month or date because the temperature varies from year to year. The other measures to protect outdoor workers could be changing their work hours and providing them headgear to protect from heat. Outdoor workers should be given proper orientation about how to protect themselves from heat stroke on a daily basis. Additionally, they should be familiarised with what to do in the event of suffering a heat stroke.

Sayed Murthala Muheez, Accountant

Considering the soaring temperatures, starting the midday break for outdoor workers in May is crucial. Additional measures such as providing shade, hydration stations and rotating schedules are essential for their safety. Prioritising worker well-being ensures productivity and prevents heat-related illnesses.

Sarojini Parasuram, Private sector employee

The managers of these workers can ensure that work starts early and finishes by 10am, and restarts in the evening after a break. Most importantly, workers should be provided adequate and cool restrooms, sufficient hydration supplies and a rotation schedule if possible.

Ranjit Nair, Senior country manager – sales and marketing

Considering the extreme heat wave conditions the country is experiencing, I fully support the idea of starting the midday break for outdoor workers from the month of May. Apart from this, it has to be ensured that all necessary facilities are provided to them to keep them hydrated at all times during these extreme-working conditions. One can look at reducing their shift hours, especially during the day hours, so that their exposure to heat is reduced. A separate rest area can be provided to them at their work site with necessary cooling facilities so that they can rest for some time to refresh themselves.

Zeenath Chowdhury, Student

Yes, it should have started in May. I think they should let some trees grow and stay alive instead of cutting them all down to build houses. Otherwise, temperatures will reach 60°C without trees.

Namrah Farooq, Housewife

Yes, definitely, 100%. While going to pick up my children from school, it’s always disturbing to see workers labouring in this hot temperature or taking shelter under some trees.

Anita Vibin, Teacher

Not only is working outside dangerous, but working inside school classrooms with 40-50 children is also deadly. Children are falling sick frequently. They are getting heat stroke when the AC stops working. Corridors and other areas are like an oven.

Riza Rafaeles, Health and hygiene specialist

Working outside for a prolonged period with temperatures between 40°C and 54°C can cause heat cramps and exhaustion; in the worst case, it may also lead to heat stroke. The best way to avoid health-related problems during the summer is to double your water intake and minimise the intake of coffee, tea and alcoholic beverages, as these can cause dehydration. Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet and do regular indoor exercise. Keep safe, everyone.

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