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Omani firm develops eco-friendly drone capable of carrying 30kg payload

2 Jun 2024 Omani firm develops eco-friendly drone capable of carrying 30kg payload By MOHAMMED TAHA

Muscat – In a groundbreaking achievement, an Omani company has successfully developed the sultanate’s first environmentally friendly drone.

At the recently concluded COMEX Global Technology Show, which showcased a plethora of new technologies and innovations, Ankaa Space and Technologies stood out as it unveiled its remarkable creation.

Co-founder Mohammed Salim al Riyami shared insights into the company’s journey from its inception in 2021 to the culmination of its efforts with the launch of the pioneering drone this year.

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Riyami said the drone – named Tariq – boasts several noteworthy features, including the innovative use of Omani seaweed in making certain parts.

Capable of flying at altitudes of up to 2,000m and carrying payloads of up to 30kg, Tariq is equipped with an AI-supported camera that enables sophisticated analysis and location determination.

He added, “With a control range of 20km and flight duration of up to 40 minutes without a payload and 20 minutes with one, Tariq offers versatility in aerial operations.”

Riyami emphasised the drone’s diverse functionalities, including photography, reconnaissance, spraying and aerial surveys. This versatility has garnered significant attention from various industries, particularly agriculture.

Acknowledging the support of Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Water Resources, Riyami informed that the company collaborated with government entities in initiatives such as combating the palm weevil by employing drones for pesticide spraying.

Mohammed Salim al Riyami

Addressing the challenges encountered during development of Tariq, Riyami noted the difficulty in sourcing certain parts, such as control panels, which had to be imported. Undeterred, Ankaa Space and Technologies is actively pursuing solutions to streamline production.

Having made three drones, the company is currently engaged in producing 13 more. The company is committed to enhancing the drone’s capabilities, aiming an extended range of 500km. This development will open doors for diverse applications, including logistical operations in Omani airports and other related services.

Emphasising Ankaa Space and Technologies’  overarching vision, Riyami reiterated its commitment to manufacturing a multi-use drone that addresses diverse social needs while minimising environmental impact.

He expressed gratitude to key stakeholders, including the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Water Resources and Civil Aviation Authority, for their invaluable support and assistance in facilitating the testing and development of Tariq.

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