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Oman, Arab Parliament denounce attempts to label UNRWA a terror group 

2 Jun 2024 Oman, Arab Parliament denounce attempts to label UNRWA a terror group

Oman backs US-led Gaza ceasefire effort

Cairo, Egypt – Oman and the Arab Parliament condemned the Israeli occupation’s attempts to label the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) a terrorist organisation.

These efforts seek to criminalise UNRWA’s operations and strip its employees of immunity. Such actions are viewed as part of Israel’s ongoing campaign to undermine the Palestinian cause and deny the right of return to Palestinian refugees.

Israel’s parliament has advanced a bill to designate UNRWA a ‘terrorist organisation’, a move slammed by the agency and other aid groups as an unjustified assault on humanitarian aid.

The Foreign Ministry of Oman warned of the consequences to undermine the agency and its role in caring for Palestinians.

In a statement issued on Sunday, the Arab Parliament underscored the vital and significant role played by UNRWA. The agency provides crucial aid and assistance to approximately 6.4mn Palestinian refugees, with 1mn residing in the Gaza Strip. ‘These refugees face relentless aggression, existential threats, and severe deprivation at the hands of the occupying power.’

The parliament called upon the international community, as well as international and human rights organisations, to fulfil their obligations in halting these crimes and recurrent violations.

‘There is an urgent need for international protection to be extended to the Palestinian people. Immediate and decisive action is required to compel the occupying forces to cease their persistent breaches of international law and humanitarian norms.’

Furthermore, the parliament demanded enhanced protection for humanitarian relief organisations and their personnel, with particular emphasis on UNRWA. ‘The agency’s humanitarian mission is indispensable, especially in the occupied Palestinian territories, including the Gaza Strip.’

Oman backs US-led Gaza ceasefire effort

The sultanate has officially welcomed the ceasefire initiative in the Gaza Strip proposed by US President Joe Biden, in collaboration with Qatar and Egypt.

In a statement, the Foreign Ministry affirmed Oman’s support for all efforts aimed at halting the aggression and alleviating the hardships endured by the Palestinian people. It urged all parties involved to engage constructively with the proposed initiative to safeguard the rights and legitimate aspirations of the Palestinians.

Oman expressed hope that the ceasefire would lead to the end of Israeli hostilities and the full withdrawal of its forces from Gaza. ‘This would pave the way for the reconstruction of the area and help restore normalcy for its residents.’

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