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INTERVIEW: Oman’s Most Trusted Brand – Dana Eggs

28 May 2024 By GULAM ALI KHAN

Dana Eggs: Building consumer trust through high-quality, hygienic eggs

Muscat – Arabian Food Production Company’s (AFPC Group) flagship brand, Dana Eggs, won Oman’s Most Trusted Brand Award 2023 in the Poultry Products (Eggs) Category. Renowned for its high-quality and hygienic eggs, Dana has set the standard in Oman’s fresh eggs market as one of the leading egg brands. In an interview with Muscat Daily, Dr Suheel Ahmed, Group CEO of Arabian Food Production Company, discusses AFPC Group’s strategies that have positioned Dana as a market leader, emphasising their commitment to quality, safety, hygiene, and consumer trust and satisfaction. He also shares insights on AFPC Group’s innovative and sustainable practices that have solidified Dana’s leadership in the industry.

What does winning Oman’s Most Trusted Brand Award in the Poultry Products Category mean for Dana brand and AFPC Group?

Winning Oman’s Most Trusted Brand Award in the poultry products (eggs) category is a significant achievement for Dana brand and AFPC Group. It reflects our commitment to quality, food safety, and customer satisfaction. This accolade enhances our brand’s reputation, validates the hard work of our team, and strengthens our relationship with consumers. We are motivated to continue delivering superior poultry products and maintaining the trust placed in us by our customers.

How has AFPC Group positioned itself as the leading producer of fresh eggs in Oman? How has the company maintained its commitment to producing high-quality and hygienic eggs?

AFPC Group has positioned itself as the leading producer of fresh eggs in Oman by investing in advanced technology, implementing strict quality control measures, and understanding customer needs. Since our establishment, we have ensured optimal conditions for our hens and adhered to international standards to produce high-quality, hygienic eggs. Our dedication to innovation, rigorous biosecurity measures, and a robust distribution network ensures we deliver fresh and nutritious eggs daily.

Additionally, we prioritise environmental protection by using the latest machinery to manage organic wastes and employing energy-efficient machinery and lights throughout our facilities. This commitment to sustainability further enhances our operations and product quality.

In your view, what sets Dana apart from other egg brands in Oman, and why do customers trust this brand?

Dana stands apart from other egg brands in Oman due to our unwavering commitment to quality, freshness, and food safety. We prioritise the health and well-being of our hens, employ state-of-the-art production techniques, and adhere to strict hygiene standards. Our chickens are fed a vegetarian, plant-based diet, which enhances the taste and nutritional quality of our eggs. Customers trust Dana because they know they are getting consistently high-quality, nutritious, and safe eggs. Our transparency, reliability, and dedication to customer satisfaction further reinforce this trust and set us apart in the market.

Can you explain how does Dana maintain the safety, quality, and hygiene of its eggs throughout the production and distribution process?

Dana maintains the safety, quality, and hygiene of its eggs through a comprehensive approach that encompasses every stage of production and distribution. We start with raising our hens in optimal, bio-secure environments to ensure their health and productivity. Our facilities use advanced technology (ISE Japanese Model) and adhere to stringent international standards for cleanliness and safety.

Throughout the production process, we conduct regular quality checks and health screenings. Our eggs are carefully cleaned, inspected, and packaged in sanitised conditions to prevent contamination. We also utilise a robust cold chain logistics system to maintain the freshness and quality of our eggs during transportation. By implementing rigorous quality control measures and continuously monitoring each step from farm to store, Dana ensures that our customers receive only the safest, highest-quality eggs.

How does AFPC Group ensure that its eggs meet the nutritional needs and dietary preferences of customers?

AFPC Group ensures its eggs meet nutritional needs and preferences by: providing hens with a balanced diet; implementing strict quality controls; offering diverse egg options; providing transparent nutritional information on packaging; and providing attractive and secure tamper proof packing.

What’s Dana’s current market share in Oman’s fresh eggs market? How does the company plan to further expand its market share in Oman and throughout the GCC region?

Dana currently commands a notable market share in Oman’s fresh eggs market. To further expand our presence in Oman and across the GCC, we are implementing strategic initiatives. This includes targeted marketing campaigns to bolster brand recognition, introducing innovative egg products tailored to consumer preferences, and enhancing our distribution network for wider accessibility. Additionally, we prioritise fostering customer loyalty by consistently delivering high-quality eggs and exceptional service. These efforts collectively through management team of highly qualified professionals aiming to solidify Dana’s position as a leader in the fresh eggs market regionally.

What is the significance of AFPC Group’s vision to make Oman self-sufficient in farm-fresh table eggs?

The significance of AFPC Group’s vision to make Oman self-sufficient in farm-fresh table eggs is multifaceted. Firstly, achieving self-sufficiency in egg production reduces dependence on imports, contributing to Oman’s food security and economic stability. Secondly, it promotes domestic agriculture and supports local farmers, fostering economic growth and rural development. Thirdly, producing farm-fresh table eggs locally ensures consumers have access to high-quality, nutritious eggs, positively impacting public health and well-being.

Overall, AFPC Group’s vision aligns with national priorities of sustainability, economic diversification, and enhancing food self-reliance, making it a significant endeavour for Oman’s agricultural sector and the nation.

As the CEO of AFPC Group, could you please elaborate on the company’s strategy and initiatives for promoting Omanisation and increasing Omani employment within your organisation?

Certainly. AFPC Group’s strategy for promoting Omanisation and increasing Omani employment involves active recruitment of Omani nationals, comprehensive training programmes, partnerships with educational institutions, internal career development opportunities, and fostering a supportive work environment. These initiatives aim to empower Omani talent, contribute to national development, and drive the growth of our organisation.

How does AFPC Group ensure that its eggs are accessible to customers throughout Oman? How does it ensure that its products are affordable for customers without compromising on quality?

AFPC Group ensures that its eggs are accessible to customers throughout Oman through a comprehensive distribution network. We have established partnerships with retailers, supermarkets, and other distribution channels across the country to make our products readily available to consumers in urban and rural areas alike.

To ensure affordability without compromising on quality, AFPC Group implements several strategies:

Efficient production practices: We optimise our production processes to minimise costs while maintaining high standards of quality and safety.

Economies of scale: As one of the leading egg producers in Oman, we benefit from economies of scale, allowing us to reduce production costs and offer competitive prices to customers.

Supply chain management: We streamline our supply chain to minimise overheads and transportation costs, enabling us to pass on savings to customers.

Market positioning: While ensuring affordability, we also focus on providing value to customers by offering high-quality eggs that meet their nutritional needs and preferences.

By balancing accessibility, affordability, and quality, AFPC Group ensures that our eggs are accessible to all segments of the population without compromising on our commitment to excellence.

How does AFPC Group maintain the quality and freshness of its eggs during transportation and storage?

AFPC Group maintains the quality and freshness of its eggs during transportation and storage through meticulous attention to detail and adherence to best practices:

Cold chain management: We utilise refrigerated vehicles and storage facilities to maintain optimal temperature conditions throughout the transportation and storage process, ensuring that the eggs remain fresh.

Quality packaging: Our eggs are carefully packaged in sturdy containers that protect them from damage during transit and storage, preserving their quality and freshness.

Timely delivery: We prioritise efficient logistics and scheduling to minimise transit times and ensure that eggs reach their destinations promptly, minimising the risk of spoilage.

Regular monitoring: We conduct regular inspections and quality checks throughout the transportation and storage process to detect any issues early and take corrective action as needed.

Hygiene practices: We maintain strict hygiene standards during transportation and storage to prevent contamination and ensure the safety and quality of our eggs.

By implementing these measures, AFPC Group ensures that our eggs reach customers in Oman and beyond in optimal condition, guaranteeing freshness and quality.

In your view, what are the major challenges poultry farms face in Oman and how does AFPC Group overcome those challenges?

In Oman, poultry farms face various challenges, including:

Climate conditions: Oman’s hot climate can pose challenges for poultry farming, impacting bird health and productivity.

Disease control: Disease outbreaks pose a significant risk to poultry farms, requiring robust biosecurity measures and vaccination programs.

Market competition: Competition from imported poultry products can impact local poultry farms’ market share and profitability.

To overcome these challenges, AFPC Group implements several strategies. We invest in advanced technology and infrastructure to mitigate the impact of climate conditions and optimise production efficiency. We have stringent biosecurity protocols in place to prevent disease outbreaks and ensure the health and welfare of our birds. We maintain high standards of quality and safety in our products to differentiate ourselves from imported poultry products and retain customer trust. By proactively addressing these challenges, AFPC Group remains resilient and continues to thrive in Oman’s poultry industry.

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