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Municipality raises concern on random heavy vehicle parking in Muscat

27 May 2024 Municipality raises concern on random heavy vehicle parking in Muscat; citizens demand stricter measures

Muscat – Residents of Muscat have called for tougher measures after Muscat Municipality raised concerns over random parking of trucks and heavy equipment in many areas of the capital. 

A statement issued by Muscat Municipality highlighted the menace of random parking in residential and commercial areas of Muscat.

‘Muscat Municipality is making diligent efforts to address this issue to preserve the urban character of the city and maintain the beauty and safety of residential neighbourhoods for all residents,’ the statement read.

The statement elicited a strong reaction from residents. 

Maimouna al Sulaimani said that the municipality should take legal action against truck drivers who park randomly in residential areas. “Unfortunately, some building owners allow these drivers to take on rent residential buildings, particularly in the area of Mawaleh Central Market for Fruits and Vegetables.”

Maimouna added that while she supports efforts to combat this issue, it’s crucial to provide designated parking spaces for trucks in specific locations within each region before initiation of any legal measure. 

“I believe the municipality should establish designated parking areas for these trucks, away from the residential neighbourhoods.”

Another Muscat resident Hammoud al Rubiei suggested that the concerned authorities should allocate a special area as a centre for trucks, with a small fee and protection. 

He proposed the old Mawaleh market area as an ideal location for this centre due to its excellent location and existing facilities such as offices, a prayer hall, housing and banking services. 

He noted that only some workshops are needed to complete the setup.

Demanding punishment for whoever is responsible for illegal parking, resident Majdah al Shukairi informed that the residents of south Mawaleh, near Al Sahwa Park, suffer from this problem. She mentioned that these trucks distort the general view of the city and contribute to traffic congestion.

The municipality called on citizens to report such violations through social networking sites or Muscat Municipality Call Center (1111).

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