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Organ donation: Sharing a portion of you!

26 May 2024 Organ donation: Sharing a portion of you!!

Muscat – Organ donation, a crucial prerequisite for life-saving procedures, is the highest form of charity, yet many people remain unaware of its importance. Similar to blood donation, there is a need to raise awareness about its necessity. Ministry of Health-run Shifa app registered over 11,000 potential donors for organ transplant in 2023. However, only 30 liver and kidney transplants were performed. 

What additional measures should be taken to promote the culture of organ donations? Here are what Muscat Daily readers have to say: 

Devika Baburaj, Private company employee

Promoting the culture of organ donation involves addressing both awareness and systematic barriers. You can bring people who donated their organs or their family members to share the experience. We need to educate the students – the people of tomorrow’s world – on the importance of organ donation and how it is a life-saving act. We can provide incentives to organ donors through some financial benefits.

Shamiza, Chartered accountant

Organ donation can be done during one’s lifetime or after the death. However, the willingness of a person to donate is important. Sharing stories of successful transplants and their positive impact on recipients can inspire and encourage potential donors. Media outlets can be taken onboard to regularly feature organ donation topics including interviews and documentaries. Campaigning through mobile service providers such as Omantel and Ooredoo, organisation of seminars/workshops, incorporation of blood donation or organ donation in the education curriculum and regular updation of the organ donors data with the latest information can be among the ways to promote organ donation.

Khalid al Balushi, Driver

One of the best ways is to have more religious leaders spread the message of organ donation because I feel that it is still a taboo for such initiatives. If they speak for and encourage people, I am sure the taboo will break and we can have more donors.

Sunil Sharma, IT expert

One of the fastest and easiest ways to encourage people is to have celebrities such as Ali al Habsi, Nadira al Harthy and Ahmed al Harthy come forward and spread the message of organ donation. We can also showcase some real-life donors to add credibility and generate trust among people.

Naseem, Private sector employee

Increase public awareness through educational campaigns, simplify the donor registration process, and offer incentives. Ensure transparency in organ allocation and provide strong support for donor families and recipients to build trust and encourage more people to donate.

Zeenath Chowdhury, Student

Posters and leaflets on organ donation should distributed to people in malls and hospitals. It is very rare for someone to pick up a leaflet that is just left on a table. There should be promoters who can distribute such leaflets. The message will reach a lot of people. Alternatively, big influencers may be asked to post it on their social media platforms. This might work as well.

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