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Elevating the driving experience with Lincoln Nautilus

26 May 2024

Muscat – The Nautilus is a wonderful addition to Lincoln’s mid-size luxury crossover line-up. With stark sculpted exteriors, premium interior fittings, spaciousness and world-class technology adaptations, the Nautilus redefines the luxury experience.

Owning a Lincoln is a premium-power experience. The 5-seater Nautilus is powered by a turbocharged 2.0-litre engine that produces 250 horsepower and 380 Nm torque and mated with an 8-speed automatic transmission.  The engine is exceedingly fuel-efficient and delivers optimal power output.

Lincoln has set a benchmark for providing premium luxury driving experiences based on high comfort levels, spaciousness, utility, technological and safety aspects. Consequently, Lincoln was named the best premium brand in the Vehicle Satisfaction Awards, which are conducted by Auto Pacific, a future-oriented automotive marketing research and product consulting business. Lincoln won the accolade by qualifying in 49 different characteristics, ranging from interior, comfort, styling to fuel economy, speed performance and the owning experience. 

Experience first-class family travel experience in the Nautilus and create joyous unforgettable memories. Cruise pathways while indulging in the outside world through the panoramic vista sunroof. Fitted with sunshades that keep the outside temperature at bay, the sunroof is an ideal window to view the outside world.

Enjoy a stress-free drive with the 48’’ LCD driver information display screen seamlessly blended into the instrument panel. The four cameras, each attached to the two sides, front and rear, display a 360-degree perspective of road conditions through the LCD driver’s panel to help assist in parking and gauging the sidewalks.

Adding richness to the interior, the front row boasts comfort and spaciousness, with ultra-comfortable chairs that adjust nicely to your legroom requirements.

The exterior comes alive with functionality, featuring a hands-free power liftgate option that opens effortlessly by a foot gesture for you to load your belongings. The full-LED multi-projector headlamps are another power-packed feature of the Nautilus. The automatic light adjustment capability gives a clearer and brighter perspective of the road without blinding the opposite end users.

Lincoln experts have used top-notch advanced technologies in the making of the Nautilus. It comes equipped with the Lincoln co-pilot360 that has an integrated Lane-Keeping System, Blind Spot Detection with Cross-Traffic Alert and Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go systems to assist the driver while driving and avoid the risk of collusion.  

Also, enjoy your Lincoln with a stunning wheel line choice by having a 21-inch premium-painted ultra-bright machined aluminium wheel as the standard.

Technological evolution is ongoing and we at Lincoln are always evolving with the needs of the time.  The Lincoln team eagerly awaits our visitors to come to experience the vehicle or take it out for a test drive at the Muscat dealership in Wuttaya. 

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