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Oman’s CBSE toppers credit school, self-study

18 May 2024 Oman’s CBSE toppers credit school, self-study

Muscat – To excel in the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) board examinations, students often tend to turn to external tuitions and coaching, however this myth has been broken by this year’s toppers in the Indian schools in Oman.

The recently announced CBSE board exam results have brought forth stories of triumph and dedication. Among these achievers, Devika Balakrishnan from Indian School Al Ghubra (ISG), Yadu Krishna Balakrishnan from Indian School Darsait (ISD) and Gunjan Karwani from Indian School Al Wadi Al Kabir (ISWK) shared their aspirations and the paths they have taken to achieve this success with Muscat Daily.

Interestingly, none of these toppers sought external coaching or assistance, relying solely on school resources and self-study. This highlights the effectiveness of the educational infrastructure provided by their respective institutions.

They credit their enthusiastic teachers, self-made notes, Internet resources and their wonderful classroom experience for their results.

Devika, with an outstanding score of 96.6%, shares her journey and future plans. “Since middle school, my passion has been in fashion design,” she said. With supportive parents, who have creative influences on her life, and a clear vision, she is set to attend university and pursue fashion in London.

On the other hand, Yadu Krishna, who is also Oman’s overall topper with 99%, remains steadfast in his aim to achieve a BTech degree in India. He remains focused on his target, having already passed the JEE Mains exam and registered for JEE Advanced.

Gunjan, with an excellent 98.6%, aspires to delve into accounting and finance. She is considering Dubai for her higher education but is also keeping her options open in Oman.

Devika advocates for finding balance in life’s pursuits. Immersed in art, music, dance, photography and poetry, she credits ISG for providing a platform to explore her diverse interests.

Balancing academics with extracurricular engagement, Gunjan talks about the power of applying theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios. Other than being the president of the Business and Entrepreneurship Club at ISWK, she is also involved in charity programmes, balancing her academic pursuits and contributing to the community.

Gunjan credits the encouragement of her academic achievements, emphasising the role of her family and educational support system in nurturing success.

While he prioritises academics over extracurricular activities, Yadu Krishna acknowledges their importance in holistic development and recognises the value they add to an individual’s growth.

Their study routines vary, reflecting their individual approaches to learning.

Yadu Krishna highlights consistency as his key strategy.

Their stories of self-reliance and support from family and teachers serves as an inspiration for students who will write their board examinations in the future.

Contributed by Sneha Lijoys

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