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Arab League calls for UN peacekeepers in Palestine

18 May 2024 Arab League calls for UN peacekeepers in Palestine

Manama, Bahrain – The Arab League Summit on Thursday called for deployment of UN peacekeeping forces in the occupied Palestinian Territories.

In its final statement – the ‘Bahrain Declaration’ – the 22-member grouping called for international protection and peacekeeping forces of the United Nations in the occupied Palestinian Territories until a two-state solution is implemented.

It also adopted calls by host Bahrain’s King Hamad bin Isa al Khalifa and Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas to ‘convene an international conference under the auspices of the United Nations, to resolve the Palestinian issue on the basis of the two-state solution’.

The final communiqué also discussed the conflicts in Libya, Sudan, Syria and Yemen, among other points.

Open wound

Mahmud Abbas told the summit his political rivals in Hamas gave Israel an excuse to wage war on Gaza with its October 7 attack from the Palestinian territory.

“The military operation carried out by Hamas by a unilateral decision on that day, October 7, provided Israel with more pretexts and justifications to attack the Gaza Strip,” he said.

Speaking at the summit, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres described the war in Gaza as “an open wound that threatens to infect the entire region”, calling for “the immediate and unconditional release of all hostages”.

Guterres said, “The only permanent way to end the cycle of violence and instability is through a two-state solution.”

The Bahrain Declaration also urged ‘all Palestinian factions to join under the umbrella of the Palestine Liberation Organization’, which is dominated by Abbas’ ruling Fatah movement.

The Arab League declared it considered the PLO ‘the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people’.

The league strongly condemned the attacks on commercial ships in the Red Sea, saying they threaten freedom of navigation, international trade and the interests of countries and peoples of the world.

The declaration affirmed the Arab nations’ commitment to ensuring freedom of navigation in the Red Sea and surrounding regions.

Sayyid Asaad at the meet

Delegated by His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik, Sayyid Asaad bin Tarik al Said, Deputy Prime Minister for International Relations and Cooperation Affairs and Special Representative of His Majesty the Sultan, headed the Omani delegation at the summit.

In his address, Sayyid Assad said that the historic injustice inflicted on the Palestinian people “compels us all to take a stronger, more impactful and a more efficient Arab position that guarantees to the Palestinian people their right to self-determination and their aspiration to a comprehensive global recognition of the Palestinian State”.

He added that it has to be a stand that applies the highly-desired, long overdue two-state solution, in accordance with the United Nations resolution, the Arab Peace Initiative and rules of international law.

“Without that, our region will never enjoy a lasting peace or sustainable prosperity anticipated by the people of the region and the world at large.”


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