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Indian Social Club Oman hosts ‘Easy-Lifestyle’ workshop for ladies

14 May 2024

Muscat – Indian Social Club Oman organized a workshop, ‘Easy-Lifestyle’ for the ladies on the 10th of May 2024 at the TT Hall, ISC. 

Ms Sumangala Bhavikatti conducted the workshop with amazing dexterity of a professional with utmost sincerity that the ladies absorbed every detail with rapt attention. A native of Bangalore, Karnataka and residing at UTAS(University of Technology and Applied Sciences) campus, Ibra since 2014, Sumangala is also a member of the Karnataka wing, ISC Oman. Her passion for cooking took her to great levels of achievements. She has earned many certifications on cooking and baking including premixes for beverages, ice creams, chocolates, sweets, curries of various dishes etc. she is a multitalented person who has 20+ years of experience to her credit for taking cookery courses and teaching various crafts that include jewelry making as well.

Ms Sumangala Bhavikatti conducted the ‘Easy-Lifestyle’ workshop demonstrating to the ladies how to prepare an array of premixes ranging from breakfast muesli, waffles, sharbats, variety of ice cream premixes, curries, idli, sweets like gulab jamuns, kesar peda, falooda etc. True to her professional style she had displayed her working counter with all the ready premixes of different food items along with ready cakes, with and without eggs which she prepared beforehand. She conjured up a live demonstration of an aromatic and delicious mattar paneer (cottage cheese with green peas) dish with the red curry premix she taught in the workshop which towards the end everyone got to taste and enjoyed. Her tender coconut ice cream was soft and light. One could really not differentiate between a store bought and the one she taught us. She also prepared waffles, sharbat etc by making them live. Her effort, energy and enthusiasm was well appreciated by all those who attended the workshop. 

The ladies were indeed fortunate to get an opportunity to add more value to their culinary skills. Learning the art of making premixes helps in creating magic in our kitchens. It’s especially handy when we travel and ultra-useful for kids away from home. 

The event started at 6pm and ended at 9pm with more than 25 premixes recipes covered in the workshop. The event concluded with taste tests of all the amazing stuff she prepared. The ladies expressed their appreciation and delight which was graciously received by Sumagala’s humble demeanor and sweet smile of contentment. When asked who her inspiration is, she said that her husband Mr Praveen is her source of encouragement, inspiration and backbone. 

The event ended with awarding our host Ms. Sumangala a certificate of appreciation. The ladies’ coordinator thanked ISC Oman’s Chairman Mr Babu Rajendran for his continued encouragement and support and the staff who helped made this event a success behind the scenes.

 We at Indian Social Club Oman always strive to bring valuable events for the community.

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