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Liwa girls develop device to cut carbon emissions

4 May 2024 Liwa girls develop device to cut carbon emissions By MOHAMMED TAHA

Muscat – Aseel Abdullah bin Khuzam al Maamaria and Sarah Mohammed bin Saleh al Balushi of Riyadh al Azhar School in Liwa, North Batinah have developed a groundbreaking device aimed at reducing carbon emissions from human and industrial activities.

Their innovation won them fifth place in Petroleum Development Oman’s Renewable Energy Award presented during Oman Sustainability Week which concluded last week.

In an interview with Muscat Daily, Aseel said the idea behind the device, named ‘Eco-Friendly’, arose from the urgent need to tackle carbon emissions that are contributing to climate change, adversely affecting agriculture and industry. Their project began in October 2023 and was completed by April 2024.

The device operates using cold plasma technology paired with activated carbon, sourced from materials like charcoal and coconut shells. This combination allows the device to absorb and break down carbon dioxide, effectively improving air quality and helping combat global warming.

“It first uses cold plasma technology to break down carbon dioxide gas into highly reactive atoms, allowing for the efficient purification of polluted gases. This process not only conserves energy but also promotes environmental sustainability,” Aseel said explaining how the device functions.

The process is completed by using activated charcoal, removing further excess carbon to purify the air and transforming harmful gases into environmentally friendly substances.

The efficiency of their innovation has been rigorously tested at Sohar University and various companies in Sohar Port, confirming its feasibility.

Aseel and Sarah expressed their gratitude to Halima al Maamaria and Hajar al Ghaithia for their support throughout the development process.

“We aim to further develop the device to make it more compact, enabling its integration into vehicles and industrial facilities,” Aseel added, highlighting their commitment to broadening the use of their innovative solution to cut carbon emissions.

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