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Omani women’s secrets to success with Amouge

1 May 2024

The Omani High Perfumery House initiated conversations to feature a coterie of Oman’s inspiring women for the ‘Successful Omani Women Panel Discussion’ at the Alia Gallery in Muscat.

Inspired by the redesigned Secret Garden Collection and its latest addition, Love Delight, Amouage recently brought together the crème de la crème of Omani women thought leaders for a fascinating panel discussion. The event focused on the individual stories behind the success, both professionally and personally, of four female panel members representing different sectors, as well as distinct and unique personalities. While reflecting the diverse femininity of the collection, the voices of these influential and empowered Omani women were provided an inspirational platform by the House to converse intellectually and openly about their life journeys, including their perspectives, passions, and the challenges they overcame.

The panel discussion was hosted by Nihad Al Kindi, Media Presenter and Self-Marketing Trainer. Beside her sat Sayyida Basma Al Said, Specialist in Mental Health, PTSD Trainer, and Founder of the Whispers of Serenity Clinic and Abeer Sultan, Executive Manager at Towell Group, Board Member at the Oman-India Friendship Association and Oman-British Society. The other two panel members were Reem Al Zadjali, Lawyer, Arbitrator and Legal Translator; and Alia Al Farsi, Founder of Alia Gallery who has held solo exhibitions in Tokyo, Seoul, Paris, and Brussels while Alia is also the curator of the Omani Pavilion at Venice Arte Biennale 2024 in which Amouage participates.

The conversations among the women spanned from their personal and professional stories, insightful advice for other women, to diversity and empowerment. Each panel member also chose which fragrance from the Secret Garden Collection, Lilac Love, Blossom Love, Love Tuberose, and Love Delight, resonated with them in terms of notes and personality type.  The fragrance Lilac Love, a melodious symphony of flowers and balsams, explores the idea of classical femininity in today’s world, while Blossom Love with its gentle delicacy and sensual impertinence represents the notion of Romanticism. Love Tuberose is a fragrance that reminds one of tropical blossom, sun-drenched skin and sugary rays of sunlight, and stands for women who are adventurous. Love Delight, on the other hand, is the latest addition to the Secret Garden Collection and represents an interplay of delicate florals and irresistible treats, leaving behind the scent of a hedonistic woman.

The ‘Successful Omani Women Panel Discussion’ took place at the Alia Gallery, a renowned art gallery in Muscat, which provided the perfect setting for the event. Selected artworks housed at the Alia Gallery were paired with the perfumes from the Secret Garden Collection as the pieces could have been inspired by each beautiful fragrance from the collection. As the world increasingly explores the intersection between art and fragrance, this added another dimension to the olfactory experience created during the event.

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