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Omani innovator pioneers smart oxygen solution for emergency care

31 Mar 2024 By MOHAMMED TAHA

Muscat – Omani inventor Khalid bin Mohammed al Kamzari, 22, from the wilayat of Khasab in Musandam, has developed a groundbreaking device called Smart Resuscitation and Oxygen Production System.

A graduate of University of Technology and Applied Sciences Shinas, with specialisation in electrical engineering, Kamzari has also contributed to 40 other innovative projects.

The Smart Resuscitation and Oxygen Production System is a revolutionary technology that integrates smart features, like sensing capabilities, and Internet connectivity, allowing continuous monitoring of a patient’s condition to ensure timely and appropriate care.

Elaborating on the device, Kamzari said it was designed to provide vital medical care and produce oxygen in emergency situations. “It utilises innovative techniques to produce oxygen from limited sources such as ambient air, employing desalination and purification methods. This oxygen is then directed to the patient swiftly and effectively, thereby improving blood oxygen levels and enhancing the breathing process.”

He added that the primary goal of this innovation was to develop a device that combines biomedical care with oxygen production, thereby improving patient care in emergency scenarios and providing a sustainable oxygen source, particularly in regions facing medical supply shortages.

According to Kamzari, the project has undergone various stages, including thorough testing and trials. These phases ensured the device met specific requirements, utilised appropriate smart technologies, and underwent rigorous testing to verify performance and effectiveness.

The device comprises several components, including monitoring devices and sensors, a display screen for data visualisation, vital sign sensors and oxygen delivery tubes. “It also incorporates an air purification unit to separate oxygen from other air components and a storage and distribution system for the produced oxygen. Smart technologies such as remote sensing, wireless communication, artificial intelligence and data analysis are utilised to monitor patients and enhance diagnostic accuracy.”

The device also has self-sterilisation capability and can operate using solar energy and hydrogen, making it environmentally sustainable.

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