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Ibri revives age-old Ramadan tradition

30 Mar 2024 Harat al Shanadid in Ibri revives age-old Ramadan tradition By MOHAMMED TAHA

Muscat – In the quaint old quarter of Harat al Shanadid in the heart of Ibri, Dhahirah, residents and visitors alike came together in a display of communal harmony for a group iftar, breathing life into an age-old Omani custom that defined the holy month of Ramadan.

The gathering, set against the backdrop of Ibri’s historic market and fort, underscores the deep-rooted cultural significance of such events in Omani society.

Shihab al Shandoudi, a resident of Harat al Shanadid, shared his insights with Muscat Daily, reflecting on this cherished tradition. “Communal iftars in Harat al Shanadid, an archaeological wonder of Ibri, were a longstanding custom. These epitomised the unity and mutual respect that bound Omani villages together, offering a platform for the community to share a meal, exchange greetings and celebrate the spirit of Ramadan,” Shandoudi said.

He further highlighted the architectural harmony of the area, where homes and historical landmarks, such as the traditional mud entrances known as ‘sabahat’, stand as a testament to Oman’s rich heritage.

Shihab al Shandoudi, resident of Harat al Shanadid

The event saw participation of over 150 individuals, including local families, expatriates and visitors. Fostering community ties, the event helped instill a sense of unity and cohesion among attendees, while also emphasising the importance of preserving Oman’s ancient customs and architecture.

Looking ahead, Shandoudi expressed a steadfast commitment to upholding this tradition in future Ramadan seasons. “We remain dedicated to organising such iftar gatherings, and we encourage all Omanis to partake in similar communal meals at  heritage sites. This initiative is not only about celebrating our culture but also about promoting Omani tourism and raising awareness of our rich heritage in our society.”

Through events like the communal iftar in Harat Al Shanadid, the people of Oman continue to celebrate their culture and traditions, reinforcing the values of unity and heritage that are especially poignant during the holy month of Ramadan, he added.

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