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Traffic violations surge in Ramadan

25 Mar 2024 Traffic violations surge in Ramadan By OUR CORRESPONDENT

Over 20 arrested, 200 unlicensed bikes seized for traffic violations, as youth indulge in reckless road behaviour

Muscat – Royal Oman Police (ROP) has escalated its campaign against unlicensed motorcyclists and reckless bicyclists across several governorates in a crackdown on road safety violations.

Intensified action during Ramadan has led to arrest of over 20 young riders and confiscation of over 200 unlicensed motorcycles and bicycles in Dakhliyah, North Batinah and South Batinah.

Despite a significant reduction in fatal accidents involving unlicensed motorcycles in recent years, ROP remains concerned over the persistent danger and young riders’ blatant disregard for traffic regulations, reiterating its call for all motorcyclists and bicyclists to strictly follow traffic rules to ensure the safety of all road users.

Recent ROP activities have highlighted the scale of the problem. In Dakhliyah on Monday, two individuals were detained for using unlicensed motorcycles, engaging in inappropriate conduct and causing distress to others on the road, while in South Batinah on Sunday, 13 were arrested and 49 bicycles and four motorcycles impounded on various offences, including disturbing public peace and endangering lives.

On March 17, North Batinah Police Command arrested two people for drifting a vehicle and seized 129 bicycles and 19 motorcycles for traffic violations. A day earlier, strict enforcement operations were carried in Dakhliyah, underscoring ROP’s commitment to combating the problem.

Experts and community leaders emphasise the crucial role of educational institutions and families in addressing the challenges resulting from youngsters’ reckless road behaviour.

Rashid al Balushi, Founder and General Manager of Motorcycles Learning Centre, voiced concern over the risks posed by underage and unlicensed riders. “Youngsters on motorcycles without licences pose a risk not only to themselves but also to others. The lack of awareness on road safety and the absence of protective gear, like helmets, exacerbate the problem,” Balushi remarked.

He further highlighted the tragic consequences of such recklessness, including long-term disabilities and emotional, physical and social strain on families of the injured. Balushi stressed the importance of parental guidance and educational initiatives in instilling a sense of responsibility and awareness among young riders.

In addition to law enforcement efforts, Public Prosecution has taken steps to address disturbance in public spaces, emphasising penalties for disruptive behaviour, including imprisonment for three months and fines of up to RO300 as per the law.

Collective efforts of the ROP, educational bodies and families are crucial in nurturing a culture of road safety and responsibility among Oman’s youth, reducing incidence of traffic violations and ensuring a safer environment for all road users.

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