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North Sharqiyah to develop national livestock market

24 Mar 2024 North Sharqiyah to develop national livestock market By OUR CORRESPONDENT

Muscat – The wilayat of Sinaw in North Sharqiyah is set to witness significant transformation with the development of Al Mawared Market. Aimed at revitalising the local and regional livestock trade, the project seeks to boost economic growth and foster competitiveness.

Mahmoud bin Yahya al Dahli, Governor of North Sharqiyah, highlighted the strategic location of the market in an industrial area and concerted efforts to develop Sinaw. “The proximity to major roads and its central position among other important wilayats, such as Duqm, Mahut, Nizwa, Izki, Adam, Manah and Samail, make it a pivotal hub for livestock trading,” Dahli stated.

The Al Mawared Market is envisioned as a specialised, integrated centre catering to the needs of consumers across Oman. The project aims to address the challenges posed by barns being scattered and unorganised, offering a comprehensive solution for meat production. The facility will include sections for both green and dry fodder sales and provide spaces for daily and weekly auctions.

Nasser bin Khamis al Hassani, Director General of North Sharqiyah Municipality, pointed out the current situation  resulting from numerous unregulated animal pens, which have become the primary source for meeting meat demand in the governorate. “Monthly statistics show sales of up to 10,000 livestock heads, underscoring Sinaw’s role as a central market for livestock trade.”

Spread over 163,000sqm, the project will feature 155 barns for different types of livestock, a slaughterhouse, fodder and general supply shops, birds and poultry shops, a poultry slaughterhouse, cold storage, a veterinary clinic, an auction arena, and an ice factory.

Additional facilities will include a mosque, restaurants, cafes, food stores, a comprehensive road network, public parking, green spaces, and nurseries, with projected annual returns exceeding RO340,000.

Zubaida Salem al Shaidhaniya, Official Spokesperson for the Governor of North Sharqiyah, spoke on the project’s broader impact. “The market will not only create direct employment opportunities in various sectors but also bolster small and medium enterprises, crafts and local producers, including livestock breeders, farmers, beekeepers and artisans. It is expected to generate over 150 direct jobs for citizens and significantly contribute to the governorate’s economic development.”

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