Wednesday, April 17
12:54 PM

Advanced boats to revitalise fisheries sector in Muscat


Muscat – Municipal Council of Muscat, under the chairmanship of Sayyid Saud bin Hilal al Busaidi, Governor of Muscat, convened its third session of the year on Sunday. The meeting, also attended by Ahmed bin Mohammed al Humaidi, Chairman of Muscat Municipality, delved into a variety of issues aimed at enhancing governance and sustainability of the governorate.

A highlight of the session was a discussion on proposals from the Health and Environment Affairs Committee concerning an advanced boats project for fishermen. Managed by Oman Investment Authority, the project is set to revolutionise Muscat’s fishing fleet by introducing around 200 modern fishing boats. Measuring 10m to less than 14m, these boats are designed to support sustainable fishing practices and ensure the quality of fish products.

The project is testament to Oman’s commitment to sustainable marine resource utilisation, equipping fishermen with boats that meet high standards of safety and security.

Additionally, the Municipal Council discussed the pressing issue of scrap collection and trading in Muscat governorate, reflecting on the Legal Affairs Committee’s insights into regulatory challenges.

The council also deliberated on Zulfi Centre’s rehabilitation programme for prospective couples, highlighting its efforts to build a culture of family bonding and marital awareness. This programme, which involves collaboration with walis from various wilayats in Muscat and rehabilitation centres, seeks to provide essential facilities and support through Social Development Committees.

Another outcome of the meeting was approval of recommendations regarding be’ah’s waste management strategy for Muscat, which aims to harmonise efforts among relevant authorities, raise community awareness on proper waste disposal, ensure the sector’s resilience, and promote environmental sustainability.

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