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‘90% of expats in Oman are low-skilled professionals’

24 Mar 2024 ‘90% of expats in Oman are low-skilled professionals’ By OUR CORRESPONDENT

Muscat – At a Ramadan evening organised by Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry themed ‘Dialogue Between the Three Production Parties to Regulate the Labour Market’, panelists, including economists and labour market specialists, addressed the labour challenges faced by private sector institutions.

The Ministry of Labour (MoL) highlighted the pivotal role of collaboration among government entities, employers and workers in maintaining stability within the country.

During a panel discussion, H E Sheikh Nasr bin Amer al Hosani, Undersecretary for Labour in MoL, revealed that approximately 90% of non-Omani workers are engaged in low-skill professions, according to recent statistics. He emphasised the government’s role as a mediator to ensure fair regulations through laws, while actively seeking inputs from both employers and workers.

H E Sheikh Nasr also spoke about the significant presence of Omani women in part-time sales jobs of large commercial centres and malls. Recent data shows an increasing number of small and medium enterprises successfully employing Omani nationals, partly due to MoL initiatives focused on job replacement through training programmes.

One of the concerns raised was regarding competition between entities adhering to Omanisation rates and those that don’t. To address this, an inspection unit was set up with the aim of safeguarding Omani business owners from labour law violations.

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