Wednesday, April 24
09:42 AM

H E Sayyid Badr calls for compensation of Palestinians in Gaza


Muscat – H E Sayyid Badr bin Hamad al Busaidi, Foreign Minister, has called for the need to compensate the Palestinians in Gaza for the loss of innocent lives and those affected by the Israeli war, and the need to make a collective and comprehensive effort to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian people.

In an interview with Becky Anderson for CNN, H E Sayyid Badr touched on the critical and tragic situation in the Gaza Strip, calling on the international community to play a vital role in securing sustainable peace and taking quick measures to achieve it.

“The whole world is calling Israel not to move on to Rafah. I think enough is enough,” he said.

The minister added that he joins US Vice President Kamala Harris’ call for a ceasefire. “This will allow aid to flow by land and it will also allow Israel’s remaining hostages to be released peacefully and not through war. And then a process of peace and reconstruction of shattered lives can begin. After a ceasefire, the international community has to work swiftly and courageously for a sustainable peace.”

H E Sayyid Badr pointed to the escalating tensions in the Red Sea, which underscores the complexity of regional dynamics, pointing out the importance of involving all parties in the dialogue.

“We will always be in favour of de-escalation and in order to do that, we need to get people to talk with each other. Iran is part of the region and I think engaging with all the regional countries is a very important element, a prerequisite for de-escalation and for bringing a common goal of peace for the whole world. However horrifying the action of Hamas has been or however devastating Israel’s assault on Gaza and the 30,000 deaths inflicted, both Israel and Hamas have to be part of the solution.”

H E Sayyid Badr stressed on Oman’s commitment to peace and stability in the region. “The whole world has said again and again, there is no other way to have sustainable peace in the long term except the establishment of a two-state solution. In order to stop the cycle of violence and to stop terror and stop the killing and save lives, we need to establish that goal in mind and turn it into action.”

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