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Boroa student company develops smart shoe for diabetics

18 Mar 2024 Boroa student company develops smart shoe for diabetics By MOHAMMED TAHA

Muscat – Nine students of Oman College of Health Sciences have developed a smart shoe with the aim of reducing complications in diabetic patients.

The idea for the smart shoe emerged from experiences of the team during their training in hospitals, where they observed the significant challenges faced by diabetic patients.

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Yassin Khalfan al Alawi, CEO of Boroa student company, informed that the team conceived the idea in October 2023. The objective of the device is to decrease the incidence of amputations in the sultanate, while alleviating the severe complications associated with diabetes, including neuropathy and slow wound healing.

Alawi emphasised that as medical students, their inspiration came after witnessing the rising prevalence of diabetes in Oman. The shoe is equipped with essential features for diabetic patients, besides a layer of nano-coatings to inhibit bacterial and fungal growth.

He added that the smart shoe incorporates sensors to anticipate the likelihood of ulcers or wounds in the feet of diabetic patients. It is also connected to a mobile app, enabling patients or their family members to receive real-time alerts from anywhere in the world. Additionally, the shoe houses a database for patients to utilise during consultations with their healthcare providers.

To facilitate smooth operations, the team is structured based on members’ roles – finance of director, operations director;  human resources director; production, development and quality review committee; and promotions, marketing and sales committee.

Boroa has applied for intellectual property and patent protection rights from the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion.

“Despite encountering challenges, including access to manufacturers or investors initially, the team persevered, which led to the successful production and launch of the shoe on March 10 this year. We are working to commercialise the product in local markets and attracting foreign investments,” Alawi said.

He reiterated Boroa’s commitment to offering innovative medical solutions, aiming to revolutionise the healthcare sector by integrating cutting-edge medical technologies. He emphasised the team’s dedication to innovating medical products to enhance healthcare services and aligning these with the industrial revolution.

The team can be contacted through X @boroa_co

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