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ROP, experts urge motorists to drive safely during Ramadan

16 Mar 2024 ROP, experts urge to drive safely during Ramadan By MOHAMMED TAHA

Muscat – Royal Oman Police (ROP) and safety experts have urged motorists to not rush home for iftar during Ramadan, emphasising the importance of road safety during the holy month.

In a statement released on Thursday, ROP highlighted the dangers of speeding, especially around iftar time. ‘Speeding before iftar causes accidents. Be careful and do not put your life and the lives of others at risk,’ the police warned.

This alert came in response to the tendency observed of motorists to speed in their eagerness to break fast in time, often leading to accidents and severe injuries.

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Salem al Saeedi, a taxi driver, voiced his concern over the reckless driving he has witnessed during Ramadan. “Regrettably, I often see drivers speeding before iftar.”

Saeedi urged drivers to embrace the values of Ramadan – patience and endurance – and reminded them of the free snacks provided by various restaurants and mosques for commuters to break their fast.

Sultan al Rawahi, a safety and security expert, pointed out the significant increase in traffic and likelihood of accidents and congestion as people rush to their homes or mosques for iftar.

“Fasting from sunrise to sunset leads to fatigue and hunger, making motorists more eager and, consequently, more likely to engage in rash driving,” Rawahi explained.

He called for patience and caution on the roads, advising drivers to obey traffic laws, drive defensively and avoid risky manoeuvres. Rawahi also highlighted the role of community awareness campaigns in promoting safe driving during Ramadan. “Local authorities, religious leaders and transportation agencies should remind motorists of the importance of safe driving practices through social media, public announcements and community events,” he suggested.

Furthermore, Rawahi recommended alternative options for breaking fast to avoid the dangers of rushing home, such as utilising designated rest areas or eateries along the way. This will allow motorists to safely break their fast without the pressure of hastening home.

The ROP statement underscores the need for motorists to prioritise safety and patience, particularly during the busy evening hours of Ramadan, to ensure a safe and peaceful month for all.

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