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Oman Across Ages Museum marks anniversary with 450,000 visitors

13 Mar 2024 Oman Across Ages Museum marks anniversary with 450,000 visitors By OUR CORRESPONDENT

Muscat – Oman Across Ages Museum celebrated its first anniversary on Wednesday, heralding a successful year with over 450,000 visitors since its inauguration.

The museum has become a focal point for cultural and educational activities, hosting 70 events and 74 educational programmes, engaging a total of 2,243 participants.

Eng Al Yaqzan bin Abdullah al Harithi, the museum’s Director General, highlighted the institution’s significance as a cultural beacon and an architectural marvel within the Omani cultural landscape. “As we commemorate the museum’s first year, we reflect on its journey to become a pivotal cultural institution in Oman, bringing to attention the nation’s unique heritage, history, and ongoing renaissance.”

In celebration of its anniversary, the museum offered free entry to visitors on Wednesday, to further acquaint them with Oman’s distinctive identity, rich history, and its strides towards progress.

Harithi emphasised the museum’s mission to become a globally recognised destination, fostering awareness and connecting Omani youth with their cultural roots. “The goal is to inspire active engagement and contribution to the nation’s development.”

The museum also marked its presence on the international stage, participating in 11 global events, including notable conferences and cultural gatherings across the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, and Denmark. These participations underscore the museum’s commitment to cultural exchange and its role in the global cultural community.

Through its diverse activities and international outreach, Oman Across Ages Museum continues to build bridges between cultures and generations, reinforcing its position as a custodian of Oman’s rich heritage and an advocate for cultural dialogue and education.

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