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Nama Water introduces prepaid meter service, a first in the region

11 Mar 2024 Nama Water introduces prepaid meter service By OUR CORRESPONDENT

Muscat – In a significant development for Oman’s utilities sector, Nama Water Services launched a pioneering prepaid water meter service on Monday.

The initiative marks a first in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries and the wider Middle East, employing state-of-the-art technology. The company also unveiled a new e-services platform, accessible via a mobile app or online portal.

Qais al Zakwani, CEO of Nama Water Services, highlighted the company’s commitment to enhancing customer service with introduction of the technologically advanced meters. “These meters represent a major leap forward for the water sector, having undergone extensive testing to ensure they offer a seamless and positive experience for users. This initiative is a testament to our dedication to continuous improvement and innovation in this crucial sector,” he stated.

Elaborating on the preparatory phase, Zakwani said, “The pilot programme gave our team invaluable experience in operating the system and troubleshooting. Following incorporation of lessons learnt from successful global implementation projects of prepaid water services, we are confident of the positive impact this service will have across the sultanate.”

The service will be extended to all governorates gradually.

He also highlighted the benefits of the prepaid meters, particularly in managing water consumption and financial accountability. “These allow users to monitor their water usage in real time, encouraging more responsible consumption patterns. These effectively address the issue of debt accumulation, especially in commercial and rental contexts, ensuring tenants are accountable for their water usage,” Zakwani explained.

The prepaid meters utilise Internet of Things technology, enabling smart management of water resources. The devices connect to the water distribution network via satellite, providing hourly updates on consumption and credit balance. Users can access this data on the meter’s digital display or on the app.

Nama is offering the transition to the new meters at no extra cost for existing customers, while new connections will be subject to a standard fee.

Customers can recharge their meters with amounts tailored to their needs, ranging from RO5 to RO100 for residential accounts and RO10 to RO500 for commercial accounts. The system facilitates instant service resumption upon recharge after disconnection due to low balance, with SMS alerts sent to users nearing the low balance threshold at approximately 660 gallons.

This innovative service represents a significant stride towards modernising Oman’s water distribution infrastructure, promising enhanced efficiency, consumer satisfaction and sustainability in water use.

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