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Muscat Municipality to ensure food safety during Ramadan with rigorous campaigns

10 Mar 2024 Muscat Municipality to ensure food safety during Ramadan with rigorous campaigns

Muscat – In a concerted effort to ensure the safety of commonly consumed foods and enforce health standards among food establishments, Muscat Municipality has plans to conduct intensive inspection campaigns throughout Ramadan.

A Muscat Municipality official from the Food and Laboratories Department of the Directorate General of Health Affairs informed that these campaigns are designed to monitor food establishments closely. The initiative aims to ensure compliance with regulations for transporting, storing, preparing and displaying food products.

The inspection strategy is divided into two phases. The initial phase, conducted pre-Ramadan, targeted food warehouses to ensure safety standards of products frequently consumed during the holy month. 

Subsequently, a continuous and periodic campaign will commence from the beginning of Ramadan, focusing on central markets, multi-activity stores and vendors dealing in vegetables, fruits, dates, coffee, nuts, meat, poultry and  sweets. This phase is crucial for maintaining health standards during increased consumer activity in Ramadan, ensuring the safety of perishable items.

The campaigns extend to establishments preparing iftar meals, with specialised inspection teams conducting thorough visits and checks. These measures include taking samples for laboratory analysis to ascertain the absence of contaminants and adherence to approved health specifications.

Due to significant consumption of fried foods during Ramadan, the municipality also plans to monitor the quality of oils used in frying processes. Inspections will cover food storage and preparation areas, cooking methods and the transportation of food items. 

Additionally, compliance of staff to personal hygiene practices, including the use of gloves and head coverings, and the possession of valid health certificates, will be scrutinised to ensure food safety. 

This initiative underscores Muscat Municipality’s commitment to safeguarding public health and ensuring the safety of food consumed during Ramadan, aligning with broader health and safety objectives.

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