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MTCIT opens Rusayl-Bidbid Road after expansion

9 Mar 2024 MTCIT opens Rusayl-Bidbid Road after expansion By OUR CORRESPONDENT

Muscat – The Ministry of Transport, Communications, and Information Technology (MTCIT) on Thursday officially opened the Rusayl-Bidbid Road, after a significant expansion with two more lanes added over a stretch of 27km.

The addition of the third and the fourth lane extends from the Rusayl-Nizwa interchange on the Muscat Expressway to the Sharqiya Expressway interchange in the wilayat of Bidbid.

According to an MTCIT statement, the road expansion was meticulously designed to cater to the comprehensive needs of its users. Enhancements include the provision of service roads and pedestrian crossings to ensure seamless integration of the urban communities flanking the roadway.

The project undertook the expansion of the existing bridges on Wadi Jifnain and Wadi Fanja in the town of Amqat, and introduced two new intersections at Ghala and Al Sih Al Ahmar.

Further developments encompassed the widening of the Fanja and Bidbid interchanges and the erection of a new bridge across Wadi al Dabun.

Box culverts were also constructed for efficient rainwater drainage, while adequate measures were taken to safeguard services and other facilities.

The expanded road features lighting poles, concrete and metal barriers, along with comprehensive signage and road markings to foster a secure driving environment.

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