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Muscat Municipality enhances slaughterhouse operations ahead of Ramadan

6 Mar 2024 Muscat Municipality Slaughterhouses ready for Ramadan

Muscat – Muscat Municipality has completed preparations at its slaughterhouses to meet a surge in demand anticipated during Ramadan starting next week. 

In collaboration with the operating company, the municipality has bolstered its workforce, carried out maintenance on equipment, and adjusted service hours to accommodate the increased need for meat processing.

In anticipation of the increased workload and diverse meat requirements, Muscat Municipality has collaborated closely with the operating company overseeing the slaughterhouses. This partnership ensures upkeep of essential equipment and  implementation of a contingency plan for equipment malfunctions. Furthermore, there is emphasis on ensuring that all staff adhere to stringent health and safety protocols to protect both employees and customers alike. Efforts to enhance customer convenience have also been made, with improvements to waiting areas in slaughterhouses.

The municipality maintains vigil of the operational company’s compliance with health standards critical for the safe running of the slaughterhouses.

Working hours 

To manage operations efficiently, working hours of the  slaughterhouses in Seeb and Amerat have been changed to align with the peak periods of demand. Before Ramadan, mornings will be reserved for individuals, while evenings will cater to companies and meat shops, effective from Saturday, March 9, until the end of Shaban.

During Ramadan, operations will shift to morning hours exclusively. Companies and meat shops will be accommodated in the first two hours, from 6am to 8am, followed by a window from 8am to 1pm for individual consumers.

The municipality urged all – charities, meat companies and stores – wishing to utilise slaughterhouse services to arrange this in advance with the company managing these facilities.

Health and safety

The General Directorate of Health Affairs and Veterinary Services at Muscat Municipality reaffirmed its commitment to consumer health and safety. This commitment is evidenced in rigorous health checks of livestock to ensure these are free from diseases like foot-and-mouth disease before and after slaughter. Additionally, measures are in place for the careful examination of carcasses to guarantee these are devoid of any health risks.

Additionally, Muscat Municipality is working in tandem with the operating company to maintain stringent control measures against pests, including flies, mosquitoes and rodents, in all slaughterhouse premises. 

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