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Omani doctor volunteers in Gaza, spreads hope amid destruction

2 Mar 2024 Omani doctor volunteers in Gaza, spreads hope amid destruction By MOHAMMED TAHA

Muscat – Dr Aiman al Salmi, a doctor from Khoula Hospital in Muscat, is currently visiting Gaza to provide much-needed medical assistance to the wounded amidst the ongoing conflict.  

Dr Salmi’s journey through the Rafah crossing into the heart of Rafah city was fraught with danger, but he was determined to help injured Palestinians with healthcare facilities in the occupied territories on the brink of collapse. 

Upon arrival in Rafah, Dr Salmi wasted no time in beginning his humanitarian work, focusing on delivering critical medical care, especially to the children affected by the violence.

Speaking from Gaza, Dr Salmi shared his mixed feelings of fulfillment on being able to help and sorrow over the catastrophic situation and the casualties he witnessed.

“I am glad to be here to assist the injured, particularly children, but I am also deeply saddened by the significant number of casualties,” he said.

He shed light on the calamitous conditions in Gaza, including food scarcity and the relentless threat posed by airstrikes, which have not spared even hospitals putting the lives of the displaced seeking refuge in jeopardy.

“The hospitals themselves face significant risks, shaking from bomb attacks multiple times a day. Missiles land near hospitals, further intensifying the challenges.

“The people of Gaza know that Arab nations will not abandon them. Their joy and relief upon receiving support is immeasurable,” he said, expressing his gratitude for the support that made his participation in this critical mission possible.

Dr Salmi’s presence, alongside other aid workers from the GCC, is a beacon of hope for the people of Gaza, reinforcing their belief in the unwavering support of Arab nations during their time of need.  

He described entering Gaza as a complex process, requiring coordination with international organisations that are working on deployment of medical professionals where they are most needed.

Reactions in the sultanate to Dr Salmi’s act of solidarity and humanity have been overwhelming, resonating with people aboard, too.

Grand Mufti His Eminence Sheikh Ahmed bin Hamad al Khalili lauded Dr Salmi’s bravery, hoping it inspires more medical professionals across the Islamic world to engage in similar initiatives of compassion and service. “Such individuals, motivated by their dedication to serving patients and addressing the consequences of this brutal aggression, are essential in times of crisis,” the Grand Mufti said.

Khamis al Hashemi, a concerned citizen, echoed the sentiments of many and offered prayers for Dr Salmi’s safety and successful return, highlighting the collective desire to support those in the crisis.

“Dr Salmi’s mission in Gaza is testament to individual acts of kindness and the collective strength of communities standing in solidarity with those in need, illuminating paths of hope in the darkest of times,” Hashemi said.

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