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Burjeel Hospital opens paediatric oncology wing

26 Feb 2024 Burjeel opens paediatric oncology wing

Muscat – In efforts to make specialised paediatric healthcare accessible to all in Oman, Burjeel Hospital has added an oncology department to its paediatric wing. 

The announcement, made at a press conference held at  InterCity Hotel Muscat on Monday, marked an important moment for the hospital’s commitment to paediatric care. Renowned paediatric haematology oncologist Dr Zainul Aabideen has joined the Centre of Excellence, Paediatric Department, further enhancing the hospital’s capabilities.

Launch of the Paediatric Haematology Clinic has been billed as a ground-breaking initiative, mar-king the first of its kind in the private healthcare sector in Oman. 

Recognised for his expertise in paediatric haematology oncology, Dr Aabideen expressed optimism about the impact this specialised clinic would have on young patients.

Currently heading the paediatric haematology oncology department at Burjeel Medical City Hospital in Abu Dhabi, he said, “Burjeel Hospital in Oman alrea-dy boasts a robust paediatric department encompassing cardio- logy, orthopaedics, general surg-ery and ENT. Addition of the oncology department reflects a comprehensive approach to paediatric healthcare, aligning with Burjeel’s commitment to delivering excellence in medical services.”

According to Dr Aabideen, several patients travel abroad  for treatment even as Burjeel offers the best of services in the region. “The Abu Dhabi one is next door and can save money and time and all the hassle as we take care of everything,” he said.

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