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Restrooms can be installed, not civic sense

25 Feb 2024 Restrooms can be installed, not civic sense

Oman’s stunning natural beauty is well known and attracts tourists from around the world. Recognising this potential, the authorities have adopted several measures to improve facilities and make travel comfortable for tourists. Muscat Municipality installed 12 public restrooms in Seeb and Quriyat beaches earlier this month. Which other places need such facilities and services and what can be done immediately to reduce littering on beaches? Here’s what Muscat Daily readers said – 

Sarojini Gopal, Homemaker

It’s a welcome move to install public restrooms. Unfortunately, common sense and civic sense cannot be installed.

Qaseem al Balushi, Salesman

I believe there is a serious dearth of basic facilities like restrooms at tourist places. Most people depend on fuel stations for these. The Riyam Trail and beaches in Qantab need basic facilities for tourists.

Mohammad al Amri, Public sector employee

The Yiti road is very scenic, especially the one to Jabal Sifah. However, there are almost no washrooms on the way, except in mosques and some supermarkets. It is high time these places were developed.

Ahmed al Hinai, Public sector employee

I suggest these facilities not only for beaches but also wadis and mountain trails. Such facilities need to be developed in most places.

William Jacob, Private sector employee

The beaches in Qurum, Azaiba, Qantab and Yiti need public restrooms

Shakila Javed, Lecturer

More public restrooms are required on Grand Hyatt beach as well as Qurum Beach.. 

Inge van der Wijk, Private sector employee

Individuals should take responsibility for their own litter and dispose of it properly, as they brought it with them.

Haresh Dave, Private sector employee

Public restrooms are needed in Sohar Corniche.

Zeenath, Student

Azaiba Beach should have more amenities like tables and chairs, similar to those available at Shatti al Qurum Beach.

Subbuhi Sira, Private sector employee

Installing public restrooms near wadis would be beneficial.

Syed Amir Ali, Private sector employee

The entire country needs effective solutions to overcome obstacles in solid waste management, which can only be provided by the government.

Chaamu, Fitness and nutrition specialist

Although the beach near Grand Hyatt Muscat is suitable for walks, the restroom is not usable. Regular maintenance and adding at least two restrooms would greatly enhance the comfort of visitors, including families with children, who come out for physical activities.

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