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CPA launches Ramadan Basket, intensifies monitoring campaign 

24 Feb 2024 CPA launches Ramadan Basket, intensifies monitoring campaign

Muscat – To ensure the availability of goods at nominal price in markets during Ramadan, Consumer Protection Authority (CPA) launched the Ramadan Basket programme in all governorates on Thursday. 

The authority also scaled up efforts to monitor markets for deceptive practices or price manipulation during the holy month.

A statement issued by CPA said, ‘The Ramadan Basket includes several essential food items and is priced between RO9.900 and RO11.975. The objective of the family pack is to ensure fast and safe shopping for both locals and residents as well as to support people with limited income.’

The basket includes rice, flour, dates, Arabic coffee, cooking oil, sugar, milk, oats, semolina, tomatoes, cheese and pasta among other items.  

Khalid al Siyabi, Director of Market Regulation and Monitoring Department at CPA, said the authority has taken proactive measures to address the needs of citizens during Ramadan. “The initiative to provide a Ramadan Basket containing essential commodities at a nominal price demonstrates a commitment to support individuals with limited income during this special month.”

He informed that CPA will ensure the Ramadan Basket is accessible to all segments of society. 

Cooperation with suppliers and merchants, along with the monitoring efforts of the authority’s departments, aim to ensure the availability, safety and reasonable pricing of essential food items during Ramadan.

Additionally, the authority is actively monitoring commercial offers and advertisements during the holy month. This includes scrutinising promotions for both essential and non-essential goods, electronic products and vehicles. CPA’s involvement in approving and overseeing these offers reflects its commitment to preventing any fraudulent practices or price manipulation during this period.

Siyabi also informed about past violations related to the pricing of vegetables and fruits in Al Mawaleh Central Market during Ramadan. The authority took necessary measures to stop and prevent such activities, emphasising its role in safeguarding consumer rights and maintaining fair practices in the market.

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