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Dhahirah Tourist Festival draws over 47,000 visitors

21 Feb 2024 Dhahirah Tourist Festival draws over 47,000 visitors

Muscat – Dhahirah Tourism Festival continues to captivate audiences, having attracted more than 47,000 visitors since its opening on February 15. Ending on March 6, the festival has received visitors from across Oman as well as neighbouring countries.

The wide participation underscores the festival’s appeal and its contribution to the region’s tourism sector.

Highlighting the multifaceted impact of the festival, Governor Najib bin Ali al Rawas said, “The festival serves as a catalyst for economic and social development, offering over 400 direct benefits to small and medium enterprises, productive families, jobseekers, rural women and the youth.”  

According to Rawas, the event is not only a tourist attraction but also a platform for nurturing artistic and technological talents, providing invaluable experiences for future endeavours.

Furthermore, Rawas pointed out that the festival plays a crucial role in stimulating commercial activity within the governorate, benefiting both individuals and institutions. “It goes beyond tourism, fostering an environment where young individuals can develop their skills in arts and technology, thus contributing to the local economy and community,” he elaborated.

The festival stands as a testament to the region’s vibrant culture and commitment to economic diversification.

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