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Wakan Village and Al Jabal al Abyad: Great journeys, fascinating places 

28 Jan 2024 Wakan Village and Al Jabal al Abyad: Great journeys, fascinating places By OUR CORRESPONDENT

Muscat – Oman is known for a diverse range of picturesque locations. Lonely Planet ranked the sultanate among the top ten destinations in the world to visit in 2022. Recently, His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik directed authorities to develop Wakan Village and Al Jabal al Abyad as tourist landmarks. How can the tourism sector be improved in these places? What other places need to be developed for tourism? Here’s what Muscat Daily readers said –

Salim al Habsi

Private sector employee

Wakan Village, nestled in the mountains, can be transformed into a cultural haven by preserving its unique architectural heritage. Renovation projects should maintain the authenticity of traditional Omani buildings, offering tourists an immersive experience into the country’s rich history. The establishment of cultural centres and guided heritage tours can further enhance the understanding and appreciation of Wakan’s historical significance.

Syed Alami 


Oman’s rich historical sites, such as Bahla, Nizwa and Jabreen Castle, warrant greater attention for tourism development. Enhancing accessibility, visitor facilities and educational programmes at these sites can transform them into cultural hubs. By integrating historical storytelling, interactive exhibits and artisanal markets, these places can immerse tourists in Oman’s past, fostering a deeper appreciation for its diverse heritage.

Mohammad al Kindi


Al Jabal al Abyad’s rugged beauty calls for sustainable ecotourism initiatives. Designated nature trails, wildlife sanctuaries and eco-friendly accommodation facilities can cater to nature enthusiasts. Implementing responsible tourism practices will safeguard the area’s biodiversity, ensuring that visitors can marvel at its natural splendour while contributing to conservation efforts.

Sanjay Kumar 


Adventure tourism can flourish in both Wakan Village and Al Jabal al Abyad by capitalising on the majestic landscapes. Introducing activities like hiking, rock climbing and zip-lining will attract thrill-seekers. Establishing adventure hubs equipped with necessary facilities and safety measures will transform these areas into adrenaline-fuelled destinations, appealing to a broader spectrum of tourists seeking outdoor escapades.

Salman al Abri 

Driver and tour guide 

Beyond the mountains, Oman’s coastal regions have untapped potential. Developments in beachfront infrastructure and resorts along the picturesque shores of Salalah, Sur and Ras al Hadd can create idyllic getaways. These locations boast of pristine beaches, vibrant marine life and cultural richness, providing a well-rounded coastal experience that complements the mountainous allure of Wakan and Al Jabal al Abyad.

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