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EA spotlights investment potential in plastic waste recycling, circular economy

24 Jan 2024 EA spotlights investment potential in plastic waste recycling, circular economy By OUR CORRESPONDENT

Muscat – Environment Authority (EA) has emphasised the significant investment potential in plastic waste recycling with opportunities extending to small and medium enterprises and bigger businesses alike.

At a symposium titled ‘Plastic Waste Recycling’ held on Wednesday, EA underscored the importance of preserving the environment and protecting planet Earth from the hazards posed by unutilised waste.

The symposium was inaugurated by Dr Abdullah al Amri, Chairman of EA.

In his address, Dr Mohammed bin Saif al Kalbani, Director General of Environmental Affairs at EA, reiterated the symposium’s role as a continuation of the authority’s efforts, in collaboration with government and private entities, as well as civil society organisations, to promote circular economy projects.

Kalbani pointed out that global plastic waste is estimated at 250mn tonnes, with approximately 8mn tonnes leaking into oceans annually. He cited studies predicting global plastic production could reach 580mn tonnes annually by 2050.

He added that recycling operations present an investment opportunity accessible to various economic strata, encouraging the establishment of small and medium-sized recycling projects.

The symposium focused on transitioning towards a circular economy model, which aims to reduce waste and enhance resource efficiency through advanced recycling policies, strategies, solutions and technologies. Discussions revolved around cooperation and integration between different stakeholders to support and improve sustainable plastic waste recycling industries. It also examined the structure of Oman’s waste management framework.

Kalbani highlighted EA’s multiple initiatives towards reducing the use of single-use plastic products, conducting studies on macroplastics in marine environments, community awareness programmes, and beach cleaning campaigns to remove plastic waste. He informed that EA is also collaborating with international organisations to develop a legally binding international instrument on plastic pollution.

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