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Oman to hold Desert Tourism Forum on Jan 24

20 Jan 2024 Oman to hold Desert Tourism Forum on Jan 24 By OUR CORRESPONDENT

Muscat – Oman is set to launch its first Desert Tourism Forum 2024 in the wilayat of Bidiya, North Sharqiyah Governorate, on Wednesday.

The event aims to showcase investment opportunities in the region, with a special focus on desert tourism.

Salah bin Salem al Hajri, chairman of the Tourism Committee of the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI) in North Sharqiyah, said that the forum is a first-of-its-kind initiative in the sultanate.

It will focus on the economic and investment potential of the desert tourism sector against the backdrop of relevant laws and opportunities for both local and international investors. The forum also intends to discuss the cultural and social aspects of desert tourism, drawing on experiences from the Gulf region.

“The Oman Desert Tourism Forum will highlight the unique tourism components, cultural heritage, and diverse tourism patterns of Oman’s deserts,” said Salah al Hajri.

He added that the forum will announce new initiatives, in collaboration with various organisations, to launch specialised training courses in tourism media. These courses will uplift the skills of North Sharqiyah’s residents working in the tourism sector.

Hamad bin Ali al Hajri, a member of the OCCI Board of Directors in North Sharqiyah, shared that the forum will feature presentations on various topics. These include investment opportunities in desert tourism, legislative frameworks, and the cultural and social dimensions of the sector.

A delegation from Saudi Arabia, including officials from the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and representatives from different economic sectors, will visit the OCCI branch in North Sharqiyah on Sunday.

“The visit aims to strengthen economic and commercial ties and explore investment prospects between the two nations,” Hamad bin Ali al Hajri stated.

The Saudi delegation will also participate in the Oman Desert Tourism Forum, seeking to understand the investment potential in North Sharqiyah, particularly in desert tourism.

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