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South Sharqiyah unveils Tahayim Winter Festival

16 Jan 2024 South Sharqiyah unveils Tahayim Winter Festival By OUR CORRESPONDENT

Muscat – In a collaborative effort involving government and private entities, South Sharqiyah is gearing up to host the Tahayim Winter Festival in the picturesque wilayat of Jaalan Bani Bu Hassan from January 25 to February 3.

Mohammed Ali Akak, head of Organising Committee, emphasised the festival’s role in promoting tourism and enhancing economic prospects in the governorate. “It is poised to position the region as a prominent economic hub within the sultanate.”

The festival derives its name – Tahayim – from a renowned desert village, symbolising the convergence of shifting sands from diverse directions.

Akak informed that the festival’s primary objective is to showcase the governorate’s diverse landscapes, cultural heritage and historical landmarks. “Simultaneously, it aims to provide an exceptional platform for both entertainment and tourism.”

The festival will have a wide array of activities catering to people of all age groups and backgrounds. These include a dates exhibition, children’s competitions, honey market, poetry recitals, jugglers, art shows and captivating theatrical performances.

The festival will have several sections, including a local market showcasing products of handicrafts families, a corner with offerings from small and medium enterprises, a food court, and a creativity and innovation section exhibiting wildlife imagery and exquisite plastic art.

A heritage village at the festival will showcase tradition and culture, featuring folk arts and bedouin handicrafts, besides desert adventure packages and opportunities for camping enthusiasts.

The festival will include camel races at the Al Seeh al Akhdar Square in Jaalan Bani Bu Hassan and a four-wheel-drive race at Tal Murhab.

Additionally, there will be two sand football and sand volleyball tournaments and a competition for youngsters performing Oman’s Al Zafin.

The Tahayim Winter Festival promises to be an exceptional celebration of South Sharqiyah’s culture, natural beauty and economic potential, offering a memorable experience for visitors of all ages and background.

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