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Joint GCC archaeological excavation begins in Muscat

14 Jan 2024 Joint GCC archaeological excavation begins in Muscat By OUR CORRESPONDENT

Muscat – The Ministry of Heritage and Tourism (MHT) has embarked on an archaeological mission at the Sanab site in Bausher, Muscat, prompted by the urgent need to preserve it against the threats of urban development and environmental challenges, including recurrent flooding exacerbated by climate change.

This collaborative venture, which began on Saturday, will continue till January 22, for which the GCC countries have pooled their expertise to safeguard a site rated high in historical significance.

As urbanisation encroaches upon the area, MHT has prioritised the documentation and study of Sanab’s archaeological elements to unravel the mysteries of past human settlements.

‘The Sanab village cemeteries are under imminent threat, necessitating our intervention. The joint Gulf excavation focuses on these at-risk sites to prevent further loss due to urban encroachments and natural calamities,’ MHT statement explained.

The meticulous process involves thorough photographic documentation, site preparation, and scientific surveys to pinpoint potential archaeological evidence.

The specialists will meticulously excavate and analyse the tombs, systematically recording their findings and ensuring that all artefacts uncovered are catalogued and conserved according to established scientific methods.

This initiative not only seeks to protect a vital piece of the GCC’s shared heritage but also serves as a platform for cultural exchange among heritage specialists across the Gulf, combining their collective knowledge and skills in the pursuit of historical preservation.

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