Saturday, February 24
01:32 AM

MOE launches virtual workshop for disabled students


Muscat – The Ministry of Education, represented by the Directorate General of Special Education’s ‘Department of Diagnosis and Care of the Gifted’, implemented a virtual awareness evening on (Strategies for Teaching the Gifted in the Classroom) as part of the awareness programme series ‘Evenings in the Sky of Giftedness and Diagnosis.’

The virtual evenings come to develop the level of services provided to special education students with disabilities and gifted students, and targets workers in the educational field, parents, and members of the local community and its institutions concerned and interested in the field of giftedness and diagnosis. This series of evenings continues until April 2024.

The evening began with a welcome speech delivered by Dr Tariq al Kharusi, director of Diagnosis and Gifted Care Department at the Directorate General of Special Education, during which he introduced the presenter of the awareness evening, and the importance of teachers and parents benefiting from it in enhancing students’ skills and developing their abilities, especially the gifted ones, whether inside or outside the classroom.

Later, Dr Adnan al Qadi, advisor for Giftedness and Creativity in the Kingdom of Bahrain, presented a paper on (Strategies for Teaching the Gifted in the Classroom), during which he touched on the topics of this paper, including teaching and pedagogical methods, educational needs, learning patterns and thinking skills.

Qadi also explained the concept of giftedness as an innate ability with a tendency toward trends, or an inherited readiness in one or more fields that society values, whether in the mental, academic, creative, social, leadership, or artistic field. He pointed out the pedagogical and teaching needs of the gifted, which the teacher must pay attention to inside the classroom, and the parents outside the classroom. These include developing self-learning skills, expanding the acquisition of information, curiosity in discovery, experimentation, ambiguity, the need to learn study skills, and providing challenging and complex educational curricula and activities.

Dr Adnan also spoke about the learning styles of gifted students that the teacher must focus on at the beginning of the school year. Some of them learn in groups, some of them like to learn by listening, some of them learn through manual work, and they also have multiple thinking skills that enable them to recall information, analyse and manage situations, solve problems, and make decisions.

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