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4,500 years old artefacts unearthed in Oman’s South Batinah

27 Dec 2023 4,500 years old artefacts unearthed in Oman’s South Batinah region

Muscat – The Ministry of Heritage and Tourism (MHT), in cooperation with the Italian mission from the University of Sabizza, has discovered 4,500 years old artifacts in South Batinah governorate, the ministry informed.

A statement issued by MHT said, ‘Excavations carried out at an archaeological site in Wadi al Ma’awel resulted in the discovery of a pottery, white beads, and stone beads, which date back to the Iron Age – about 4,500 years back.’

Dr Al Mutasim bin Nasser al Hilali, Director of the Heritage and Tourism Department in South Batinah governorate said, “The archaeological research work carried out by the ministry in cooperation with a number of accredited scientific and research institutions in the various wilayats of the governorate led to the discovery of pottery, white beads, and stone beads, which dates back to 4,500 years of the Iron Age.

The ministry is constantly making efforts – in cooperation with various government agencies – to preserve various archaeological sites in the sultanate. It is issuing ownership bonds to protect those sites from encroachments, in addition to preserving the country’s heritage as a source of knowledge for future generations.

“It ensures sustainability of our cultural heritage and maximises its role in developing the Omani cultural identity.”

He confirmed that these archaeological discoveries contribute to creating a new tourism product for Wadi al Ma’awel.

South Batinah is famous for many heritage components represented in the ancient historical sites and shrines of castles, forts, falaj, mosques and ancient houses.

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