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E-platform to consolidate voluntary work, unify efforts

9 Dec 2023 E-platform to consolidate volunteer work, unify efforts By OUR CORRESPONDENT

Muscat – To celebrate International Volunteer Day, observed on December 5 every year to spread the culture of volunteering among community members and encourage social initiatives, the Ministry of Social Development (MoSD) announced that it will launch the Omani Volunteering Portal.

Inviting all volunteer teams and individuals to register on it, a ministry official said the Omani Volunteering Portal will be launched soon. The e-platform will include records of all volunteers and voluntary organisations in Oman, allowing MoSD to contact them quickly when the need arises in any part of the sultanate.

The official described it as an electronic portal specialised in organising and managing volunteer work in the sultanate.

According to the official, the portal will facilitate the creation of special accounts for registered organisations and individuals to manage volunteer work, exchange expertise and experiences, document work hours electronically, and obtain accredited certificates for volunteer work from the ministry.

Volunteer work can be done in numerous fields, including legal, psychological, health, tourism, social, marketing, entertainment, cultural and financial.

He explained that the portal targets individuals, governmental and private institutions, civil society institutions, zakat committees, volunteer teams and charitable organisations with the aim of enhancing the culture of volunteer work, encouraging social initiatives, unifying volunteer efforts, managing them efficiently, and achieving social partnership. It also aims to maintain a database of the volunteer work and volunteers in the sultanate.

Announcement of the e-platform prompted quick response from volunteers. Speaking to Muscat Daily, Ahmed bin Hamad al Kharusi, who has donated blood 196 times, described it as an inspiring step; it will enhance volunteer work and consolidate the principles of solidarity and social responsibility.

“We are confident that this portal will be an effective platform for positive change and that it will contribute to achieving comprehensive and sustainable development. The portal will also be a platform that combines the sincere desire to give and support community members, forming a bridge linking volunteers and concerned parties and encourage community members to spread the culture of social solidarity,” Kharusi said.

Sultan al Rawahi, a volunteer, said the portal will unify volunteer work efforts in times of crises, such as adverse weather conditions that affect Oman from time to time, and encourage Omanis to engage in volunteer work.

Khamis al Hashimi, a member of the National Human Resources Strategy Team, said he expects the initiative to have a positive impact on the volunteer sector within the sultanate for their administration, organisation and governance.

MoSD called on volunteers to register ( and also suggest a name for the portal, besides features that can be incorporated in it.

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