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Frankincense season in Dhofar to begin from Dec 2

25 Nov 2023 Frankincense season in Dhofar from Dec 2 By OUR CORRESPONDENT

Muscat – The Ministry of Heritage and Tourism (MHT) has announced a special event to mark the frankincense season in Dhofar governorate from December 2.

The eight-day long event will open in the Land of Frankincense sites in Al Baleed Archaeological Park, Samhram Archaeological Park, and Wadi Doka Nature Reserve, the ministry said.

The programme will include a presentation on how frankincense products and extracts were manufactured in the ancient times. The event will also throw light on its export in the ancient times by caravans through Dhofar.

According to MHT, the event will promote the historical features of the sites in the Land of Frankincense and their roles in facilitating cultural and commercial exchanges with various civilisations of the world in the past, besides highlighting the importance of the Land of Frankincense in attracting tourists from different parts of the world.

The Land of Frankincense is the Unesco World Heritage site. According to the ministry statistics, 27,962 people visited Al Baleed Archaeological Park and the Museum of Frankincense Land; 12,916 visited the Samahram archaeological site; and 2,296 went to the Ubar archaeological site in Shisr in 2021.

The Al Baleed Archaeological Park, Samahram, Shisr and Wadi Dokka are included in the World Heritage List under the name Land of Frankincense sites.

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