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Dhofar – Arabia’s third most sustainable place

12 Nov 2023 Dhofar wins third place in Sustainable and Resilient City Prize By OUR CORRESPONDENT

Muscat – Dhofar has been awarded the third place in the 14th edition of the prestigious Sustainable and Resilient City Prize.

Presented by the Arab Towns Organization, winners were announced recently in Doha.

The award recognises the governorate’s commitment to environmental protection, cultural preservation and fostering a dynamic community.

In a statement, Dhofar Municipality shared details of the competition. Among 11 cities contending for the award, the municipality of Greater Amman in Jordan claimed the first place, followed by the city of Laâyoune in Western Sahara.

‘Dhofar’s third place ranking stands as a testament to its proactive efforts in sustainable development.’

The governorate has embarked on several initiatives aimed at reducing its environmental footprint. These measures include extensive tree planting, creating verdant spaces, advancing renewable energy sources, and promoting energy efficiency. Additionally, significant emphasis has been placed on preserving Dhofar’s natural treasures, including its coastline and mountainous regions.

The Arab Towns Organization instituted the award to inspire Arab cities to embrace innovation while maintaining the Islamic architectural essence and the identity of Arab urban landscapes.

Established in 1967, the Arab Towns Organization now encompasses over 650 cities. Its primary objective is to bolster and amplify joint Arab initiatives, fostering collaboration and development across the region.

Recognition of Dhofar in this esteemed platform highlights the governorate’s role in leading sustainable urban development and its commitment to a resilient and culturally rich community.

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