Wednesday, December 06
11:43 AM

CPA recovers over RO100,000 for consumers in October


Muscat – The Consumer Protection Authority (CPA) has recovered RO107,417 in favour of consumers during October 2023.

According to theStatistical Indicators Report stated that the Consumer Protection Authority, represented by the Complaints Department, recovered RO107,417 for consumers during October 2023. These recoveries comes within CPA’s efforts to receive consumer complaints and resolve them in accordance with the established procedures stipulated in the Consumer Protection Law and its executive regulations, and other decisions related to consumer protection.

Ali Hamad al Hakmani, the Director of Complaint Department highlighted the various sectors from which these amounts were recovered. ‘The sectors include cars, vehicle repair workshops, tires and spare parts, electrical and electronic devices, contracting and building materials, telephones and their services, aluminum, blacksmithing, carpentry and kitchen workshops, furniture and upholstery stores, clothing and textiles, watches and jewelry, labor services, travel and tourism services, and barber and beauty salons.’

This wide range of sectors demonstrates the CPA’s commitment to addressing consumer complaints across various industries. The complaints leading to these recoveries were related to a variety of issues, such as problems with vehicle paint, improper repairs, delivery delays, repeated breakdowns, manufacturing and technical defects, service delays, poor service quality, malfunctions in new vehicles, contract violations, labor guarantee breaches, and failure to meet product specifications as outlined in agreements. The recovery of 114 items during the same period underscores the CPA’s dedication to protecting consumers’ rights.

Al Hakmani emphasised the importance of preserving consumers’ rights, adhering to applicable laws and regulations in consumer protection, meeting product specifications, and honoring contractual obligations. Additionally, he stressed the need for proper inspection of products before selling them to consumers, which is a crucial aspect of ensuring consumer satisfaction and compliance with consumer protection laws. Overall, the CPA’s efforts in recovering funds for consumers and addressing their grievances are essential in promoting fair and ethical business practices and protecting consumers in the marketplace.

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