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Omani bikers embark on 8,000km adventure ride to Saudi for a cause

31 Oct 2023 Oman bikers embark on 8,000km adventure ride to Saudi for a cause By ANIRBAN RAY

Muscat – Fueled by resolve and camaraderie, a group of eight Omani bikers are preparing for a remarkable expedition from Oman to Saudi Arabia to serve a dual mission of celebrating Omani National Day and extending solidarity to the war-torn people of Palestine.

The group of eight, currently comprising seven Omanis and a Qatari representing Oman Riders, is anticipated to grow as the departure date approaches.

In a conversation with Muscat Daily, Khalid al Azri, head of Oman Riders, expressed this optimism about the likely increase in riders’ participation.

Over a period of ten days starting on November 13, the Oman Riders will cover nearly 8,000km odyssey (round trip) – marking their lengthiest venture in 2023.

The journey is set to commence from the Oman Automobile Association, a few days before the National Day, and will traverse through to the northern reaches of Saudi Arabia.

“This ride is monumental for us. We anticipate a safe return post this ten-day adventure. Despite having embarked on longer journeys, the sheer magnitude of this one stands out,” Azri stressed.

“Our previous Saudi sojourns were part of broader expeditions encompassing Qatar, Kuwait, and Bahrain. This time, the spotlight is solely on Saudi, with an extensive exploration of its northern sector,” he further added.

The final itinerary, encapsulating stopovers, meal plans, deadlines, and equipment requisites, is due for confirmation by the weekend. Adding a layer of camaraderie to the adventure, the troupe is likely to rendezvous with Saudi bikers en route.

The expedition entails grappling with the elements and navigating unchartered terrains, and seasoned bikers are no strangers to such challenges. This ride, Azri said, epitomises the zest for adventure and the bond shared among these fervent bikers.

“It’s a tribute to the sultanate’s heritage and a gesture of solidarity towards the beleaguered Palestinians. Through this endeavour, we aspire to disseminate a potent message of unity and empathy.”

The invitation to partake is open to all, with the stipulation of owning a bike with a capacity exceeding 800cc.

The registration for the expedition ends on November 5.

Established in 2009 as the first motorcycle club in the sultanate, Oman Riders boasts a diverse membership with biking aficionados from across the globe.

Their trailblasing escapades have spanned far-flung destinations including China and Europe, marking indelible imprints of adventure and humanitarian outreach.

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