Monday, December 04
05:21 PM

Tej downgrades to Cat1; heavy rains hit several parts of Dhofar


Muscat – Tropical Cyclone Tej has degraded into Cat 1 and continues to bring moderate to heavy rains in Dhofar.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) said that Tej is moving towards the coasts of Dhofar governroate. ‘Heavy rains hit several parts of Dhofar governorate as the direct effect of the tropical cyclone,’ it stated.

CAA informed that Tej weakened to a Cat 2 tropical cyclone on Monday morning and then later to Cat 1. ‘During the last few hours some willayats of Dhofar governorate witnessed heavy rainfall and fresh winds.’

The Civil Aviation Authority advises all to take maximum precautions and not to risk crossing wadis and to avoid low-lying areas.

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