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National team to name winter depressions affecting Oman

11 Oct 2023 National team to name winter depressions affecting Oman By OUR CORRESPONDENT

Muscat – The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of Oman has pioneered the assembly of a national weather team, drawing members from over 25 enthusiastic amateur weather groups.

“Our engagement with these 25-plus groups has led to the formation of a unified national team,” disclosed an official from CAA, while talking to Muscat Daily.

“This specialised cohort is tasked with naming winter depressions that may influence Oman, all under the aegis of the Rasd project, in harmony with the authority’s guidance.”

The CAA’s recent unveiling of the ‘Friends of Meteorology’ initiative underscores its commitment to nurturing amateur meteorological analysts. Central to this initiative is the facilitation of gatherings and tailored training sessions, all concentrated on honing weather prediction skills.

Marking a historic milestone on July 17, CAA hosted Oman’s inaugural convergence of weather enthusiasts. Under the banner of ‘Friends of Meteorology’, this enlightening day-long symposium showcased an array of captivating segments.

Attendees, privy to insights on the National Multi Hazard Early Warning Centre, had the opportunity to engage with the CAA’s chairman, and witnessed the felicitation of noteworthy amateur weather groups in Oman.

Further cementing its dedication to meteorological excellence, CAA has rolled out ‘Muzn’, a strategic programme designed to augment the precision of weather alerts, enhance meteorological services, and ensure early warnings.

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