Wednesday, December 06
12:20 PM

Diverse migratory bird species monitored in North Batinah


Muscat – Environment Authority (EA) has documented diverse species of migratory birds in North Batinah from December 2022 to September 2023.

Amani Abdullah al Shibli, an environmental inspector at the Environmental Conservation Department in North Batinah, collated data after extensive periodic monitoring and environmental analysis.

Amani detailed the diverse bird species monitored, which include 16 winter-visiting species, nine year-round residents, two migration season visitors and one summer visitor.

Emphasising the vital role of environmental diversity in preserving the habitats of these birds, she sad, “The availability of lakes, creeks, sandy beaches, agricultural land and tidal mudflats in the governorate offers optimal environments for various bird species.”

Among the year-round residents in North Batinah are notable species like the gray egret, rock heron, red-cheeked plover, sooty gull, swift tern and common mynah.

The winter visitors include the little egret, great egret, little sand plover, little crested tern, red leg sandpiper and water curlew.

The summer and migration seasons also attract species like the pink tern, common tern and white-cheeked tern.

This diverse influx of bird species highlights the importance of North Batinah as a critical location for bird migration, preservation and observation.

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